Vintage Cars & Motorcycles

1929 Peerless

1929 Peerless Roadster, with a Rumble Seat, this car belongs to my father and was fully restored by him
It is one of many Vintage Cars in his collection. I will post more photo’s of different cars soon.


1923 Ner-A-Car, Model: Type A, with a 221 cc two-stroke engine this is mine and I resorted it with the help of my father before when I a pre-teen, it is fully functional, it was made in Syracuse, NY and is a friction drive motorcycle, designed by Frank Neracher, these bikes were made from 1921–1927 in NY and in Kingston-on-Thames, UK. The Ner-A-Car is very rare as there are probably less than a few  hundred original 10,000 NY built Ner-A-Car’s left in the world. Nest to it is an old Honda 50cc Mini bike.